What else we can do.

Smart bonnets made of carbon – but not only that.

In addition to the use in hoods Carbon is also ideal for cargo compartments and trunk lids.



Our cargo compartments are made from Carbon Sheet Molding Compounds (C-SMC), a fiber-plastic composite with carbon instead of glass fiber. The conventional composite becomes even lighter, stronger and thinner by using the carbon fiber.


In contrast, we continue to use SMC for our trunk lids – and with good reason: this is where the antenna is located. While carbon blocks radio signals, the glass fiber lets them through. And is thus the predestined environment for the antenna in the vehicle.

An actually sensational weight saving was achieved by the wheelcatcher. A small part with great effect – because in the event of a frontal impact, the wheelcatcher protects the legs from the smashing force of the tire. This part has become around 50% lighter since it can be made of fiberglass reinforced plastic instead of steel. The low-density product consists of fleece, cork and glass fiber. We are thus making available to the automotive industry a lightweight component which greatly increases safety. And scores in all categories.
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