Our claim is as obvious as it is complex: we help premium OEMs to build safe and persuasive vehicles that reach their destination efficiently and with low emissions. Carbon can do that. Fatigue, rust, chemical and thermal fluctuations do not occur with carbon.

Yet stronger, the fibers are lighter than any of their traditional competitors:

aluminum magnesium alloys
sheet moulding compound (SMC)

Thanks to intensive research and increased production worldwide, carbon, once too expensive for many, has become affordable. It is used for lightweight components, especially bonnets, and brings a ten percent weight reduction in vehicle manufacturing. This improves fuel mileage by about seven percent. In view of climate change, high fuel prices, CAFE regulations and the necessary mass reduction, carbon is the trump card.

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In addition to the technical properties, there is another key motivation for carbon: emotions. For many drivers, the reference to racing, the high performance and value as well as the unique selling proposition is the most important engine in the decision for components made of carbon.

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