Research and Development

The company’s headquarters are located In plant 1 in Esslingen. Here we handle administration, sales, HR, accounting, conduct research & development, technology and quality assurance and take care of sales & marketing. We manufacture our products using the RTM and SMC process.

Key points of plant 1:

  • factory premises: 21,000 m2 (approx. 180 m x 120 m)
  • production hall: 3,300 m2 (about 150 m x 22 m)
  • 1 cutting machine
  • 4 preform presses
  • 3 presses (2 x 2,500 tons, 1 x 50 tons)
  • 4 milling machines
  • automated bonding stations
  • 1 optical 3D measuring machine

Plant 2 is located 32 km from the company’s headquarters in Unterriexingen. Inaugurated in the early summer of 2017, products are manufactured using the SMC process.

Key points of plant 2:

  • production area: 8,800 m2
  • 3 pressing machines (3 x 2,000 tons)
  • 1 power wash system
  • 4 milling machines
  • automated bonding stations
  • fully equipped measuring laboratory

From the fiber to the hood.

Preform, RTM press, A-coat, milling machine, adhesive robot – in our heritage-protected plant in Esslingen, we manufacture carbon fiber engine hoods. For this purpose, the carbon fiber for the inner and outer shell is pressed into multiple layers in various processes.
With a clamping force of 2,500 tonnes and a foundation that reaches two floors deep, epoxy resin is injected.

A true innovation of our house is the A-coat. Time and cost savings while improving the appearance – such interactions is what we like. In short, the painting of visible components made of carbon is very expensive. At eacc, we use another tool, fill the component with special resin and thereby obtain a wonderfully smooth surface that only needs to be painted once more.

eacc Headquarter Esslingen

eacc headquarters

Fritz-Müller-Straße 11-27
73730 Esslingen am Neckar

Tel.: +49 711 185 678 0
Fax: +49 711 185 678 99

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